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Do you enjoy the benefits of technology, but are concerned about: 

‣ Smartphone, social media, internet or screen addiction?

‣ Children and youth disconnected from others and nature? 


Our medical and technical experts offer evidence-based ways to:

‣ Clear tech clutter and streamline your use of devices and digital media to enjoy a healthier balance with tech at home and work

‣ Balance indoor screentime with outdoor greentime for less stress, better sleep, and a calm and focused mind

‣ Make best choices for a truly healthy home, and healthy aging in this digital age – from conception to college – and beyond

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This book is for:


parents, grandparents and teachers

who give children the gift of a loving nature, and a love of the natural world. This has always been important. In this digital age, it’s vital. And this book is for you if you’re trying to get your inside kids unplugged and outdoors.


environmental educators

who want to know about the benefits of greentime from Indigenous wisdom-keepers and from leading naturalists Richard Louv, Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. David Suzuki and others.



who encourage friends to get together – face-to-face, put down their phones, take a break from social media, get outside and truly connect. You’ll discover how digital devices and apps were designed to be addictive and can be a factor in depression – and what to do.


yoga and mindfulness practitioners

who may catch themselves wanting to check their phones and digital media. Hooked on too much tech?  
You can see how to use the mental stability developed with these practices, or learn them here from leading mindfulness teachers including Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Joan Halifax.

And if you have these concerns:


Pre-natal care

You are a pregnant mum and want to use technology in the safest way possible to keep your baby from harm. You’ll find science-based recommendations from leading scientists and physicians.


Parenting in the digital age

You’ve heard that too much screentime can harm children but this may be the only way you can settle them. You’ll find practical ways to soothe without screens and enjoy more greentime and outdoor nature play – vital for their healthy development.

Our Family Tech Plan™ is for you.


Struggling with digital clutter and dependency

You may have picked up this book as you’re aware that you waste time on your phone, social media, online shopping. You’ll find key information from digital addiction and decluttering experts on how to break free and enjoy a healthy tech balance.


Smart tech, smart home safety

Maybe you manage your appointments, and monitor your fitness, fridge and security system on your mobile phone? It’s convenient. But is it wise? You’ll find the latest research and hear from technical experts on the risks of smart tech and how to have a truly healthy home.


Healthy aging in the digital age

You enjoy connecting with family and friends on your tablet but read that blue-lit electronic screens may be harmful. You’ll hear from physicians how vision, cardiac, cognitive and sleep problems can improve with less screentime and more greentime and about our safer tech solutions.

Our Mindful Tech Plan™ is for you.

How students can be tech savvy and healthy in this digital age

Our School Tech Plan™ is for you.

You know they need to be prepared for this tech-driven world but you are concerned that many students spend too much time sitting inside, in front of screens, and seem to be losing their ability to settle, process information, focus and stay on task.

You are also concerned about a lack of empathy, kindness and their ability to interact well with each other.

How do you set classroom and school tech policies.
You’re concerned about kids disconnected from the natural world – you know that unstructured nature play should be part of their daily lives.

However, not all parents or school administrators are always onboard. There may be polarization at your school between those with the view that the more tech the better, or those who feel that more nature time and safer tech is required.

Our technical experts, neuroscientists and physicians specializing in this emerging field will offer suggestions for schools in this digital age.

Too much time sitting in front of electronic screens?

This is an essential part of your workplace. How can you and your co-workers find a healthy balance and stay healthy and productive? Ergonomics and screentime guidelines can make a big difference.

Our Workplace Tech Plan™ is for you.

WiFi in cars, buses, trains and aircraft


Staying online when travelling is good to keep in touch with the office, pass the time and entertain the kids.


But did you know that WiFi can be a factor in vertigo, adverse cardiac effects and cognitive impairment? Never good in traffic, or at 36,000 ft.

Our Transportation Tech Plan™ is for you.
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