This new book offers practical ways to find freedom from too much tech

and enjoy true connections with each other and the natural world.

Using the power of nature and mindfulness to transform tech habits, find balance

and tame digital addiction.

This book is for parents, grandparents and teachers who give children the gift of a loving nature, and a love of the natural world. This has always been important.

In this digital age, it’s vital.


And this book is for you if you’re trying to get your inside kids – and yourself – unplugged and outdoors.

It is also for young people tired of wasting so much time on social media and on their phones and want to find effective ways to tame their tech-craving minds and reconnect with friends – face-to-face, not on a screen. 

"The more tech we have, the more nature we need."

Richard Louv, author of The Last Child in the Woods

Dedication: My international team of experts and I sincerely hope that this book will be of benefit, and inspire you to unplug and enjoy the occasional screen-free day (or hour?) and gather the kids to get outside together for some active fun in nature.

“Mindfulness practice helps us understand how our daily habits affect our

So when we think about how much time we devote to our various
electronic devices each day, we must ask ourselves: are we using
technology mindfully?

Or are we using it mindlessly?
We need to have an awakening and when I talk to Google and the other
companies, I tell them to use their intelligence and goodwill to help us
create the kind of instruments to come back to ourselves, heal ourselves.”


– Thich Nhat Hanh

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Kerry Crofton, 2020

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